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Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram and Song Kang reunite for ‘Love Alarm 2’

By: Ruth L. Navarra

The cast of “Love Alarm” reunites on Feb. 21 for the first script reading of the drama’s second season.

Season 2 was confirmed last year but Netflix has not revealed the exact date of its release. However, its scheduled streaming is on the first quarter of the year. 

Kim So-hyun as Jo-jo, Jung Ga-ram as Hye-yeong and Song Kang as Sun-oh reprises their role for the drama. Script readings are often held before the shooting of the drama. Thus we know that they will start filming the second installment of the webtoon soon. 

The main cast for the script reading
Kim So-hyun
Song Kang
Jung Ga-ram

“Love Alarm” is about a love triangle between Jojo, Hye-yeong and Sun-oh.  Their feelings are revealed by an app with the same name.  The app reveals the feelings of anyone within 10-meter radius. There are rules, of course. Both of you must have an app installed in your phone.

The drama is based on the webtoon written by Cheon Kye-yong.  It was directed by Lee Na-jeong and written by Lee A-yeon and Seo Bo-ra for the drama.  

Watch the cast confirm the second season here:

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