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Kim Go-eun wants to be the funny one in ‘Little Women’

By: Ruth L. Navarra

Actress Kim Go-eun has one demand in her latest series “Little Women.”  She wanted to be the funny character in the series.  

“I am never the greedy type, but I knew that for this one, I knew I wanted to be the funny one,” Kim Go-eun said during a press conference held via Zoom today, Aug. 29.

Host Park Kyung-lim also asked the actress why she chose this drama right after she won Best Actress in the first Blue Dragon Series Award for her performance in “Yumi’s Cells.”

“We have this perfect cast. I’m just really happy to be part of the cast.  If you asked me the reason why I chose this drama, it’s the cast and the crew.  We have writer Jung Seo-kyoung and director Kim Hee-won.  We also have a lovely cast,” she said. 

Kim Go-eun also talked about the chemistry that she shared with the rest of the cast. From their very first meeting at script reading, she said that co-stars Nam Ji-hyun and Park Ji-hu were her real sisters. 

She also talked about the characters she and Wi Ha-jun played. Kim  said that that her character Oh In-joo just follows Wi’s character. She said that she’s not the brain of the operation in the drama. 

“Little Women” starts streaming on Netflix, on Sept. 3. 

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