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Kang Daniel paints the town happy in PH fan meet

By: Ruth L. Navarra

“Kumusta,” Kang Daniel asks his Filipino Danitys (the name for his fandom) who had told him “I love you!” in Filipino and Korean. It was enough to send his fans into a shrieking frenzy.

Kang was here on Oct. 19, Saturday, for his first Philippine fan meet as a solo artist and CEO of Konnect Entertainment. “Kang Daniel: Color on Me in Manila” began with him going onstage in a gray suit and dancing to “Intro (Through the Night)” and “Color on Me.”

Going back to his idol roots, Kang did plenty of “aegyos” for his fans. -PHOTOS RICHARD REYES

Host Sam Oh then joined him. She asked him for his thoughts on the Philippines.

“It’s so nice to be back in the Philippines. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I am very happy and excited to see you all tonight,” Kang said. “I remember how excited our fans in Manila are.”

Kang previously visited the country for a concert of Wanna One. He was the center of the group, earning the position by winning the talent show “Produce 101” in 2017. But what the talent show and its producers didn’t foresee was how big Wanna One and, in particular, Kang would become. Their contract as a group was to last for two years.

Wanna One disbanded Dec. 31, 2018, rookies by industry standards. Yet, they were included on the Forbes Korea Power Lists for 2018 and 2019. Kang was also on the list. He was the only idol to make it there.

One could argue that he won fans over with his innocent-looking smile and that curious little mole under his right eye. But Kang has displayed immense talent in dancing and singing. He is fun to watch in variety shows. He appears easy-going.

He showed how fun he could be during the fan meet. Oh asked where he wanted to go in the Philippines.

“I heard about a resort called Hidden Valley. So it’s very famous, right,” he said (referring to a resort in Laguna). When the crowd started shouting their own suggestions, he said that he will go to the places that they suggested.

The young entertainer also talked about his travel vlog, Colorful Daniel. He said that he was able to shoot a Manila episode the day before the concert and that his fans should watch out for it.

He showed off his basketball and push-up skills during the second segment. Between segments, he took off his jacket to showcase his wide shoulders.

Kang Daniel (in blue) shared bits of his life at his Manila fan meet, including cute moments with his cat O-li.

Kang shared behind-the-scenes footage of his music video “What are you up to” before performing the song. The PH Danity presented their fan project to him and Kang put his hand over his heart. He started tearing up and thanked his fans.

He did a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” as part of his final segment. He went to all the areas of the stage to do aegyo (cute poses) while fans tried to sneak in a shot or two of it.

Kang Daniel’s fan meet finished in an hour and half. It was short and sweet and one that made fans excited for more.