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5 Dreamcatcher songs to listen to waiting for their upcoming return
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5 Dreamcatcher songs to listen to waiting for their upcoming return

There’s less than a week left until K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher are to take centerstage to perform their songs again in Manila. The septet, best known for their rock sounds and powerful choreographies, returns on Aug. 28 for their concert “Under the Moonlight” at the New Frontier Theater. In preparation for their ferocious performances of their iconic and rousing rock-based hooks, ready those Mongmongies (lightsticks) out as here are 5 (and some bonus) necessary tracks to introduce the group in their signature funk and pop rock harmonies.

Chase Me

Dreamcatcher’s group concept photo for “Chase Me”


There is no other song to start off learning about the group than their debut song, which marks a new beginning for members Jiu, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon and Dami (who already debuted prior as the now defunct K-pop group Minx), while adding Handong and Gahyeon to their lineup. “Chase Me” also highlights a total reverse from their prior image, now embracing darker and edgier horror concepts, replacing their poppy pastels to chic reds and monochrome, which fits the accompaniment of drums and sustained electric guitar synths for this pop-rock song. The music video complements the song’s harmony and Dreamcatcher’s soothing yet haunting vocals—alternating between scenes of the girls spooking a man that spends a night at a hotel and shots of the girls performing the choreography in black fits with lit candles in their background.


You & I

Concept photo for “Nightmare: Escape the Era”


“You & I” marks both the end and the beginning for Dreamcatcher, hence making in into this recommendation. It was their final release for their “Nightmare” era, but it also marked their growing rise to success. In fact, “Nightmare: Escape the Era,” the album “You & I” is part of, debuted No. 7 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. Additionally, Dreamcatcher’s Dami also made front page of community site Reddit, with a GIF (moving picture) of her ‘stick magic trick’ as part of the song’s choreography.



Jazz Bar

Concept photo for “Dystopia: The Tree of Language”

Dreamcatcher undoubtedly releases top tier work both for title tracks and B-sides, capturing both their signature sound and their versatility to break out of that. So, for the ballad lovers out there who love the way softer harmonies touch skin, there is no other B-side that deserves this spot than “Jazz Bar.” And if the title doesn’t suggest it enough, it’s definitely the song to hear on hazy nights walking into a ‘90s bistro, well, jazz bar: piano, subtle R&B drums and alluring, chilly vocals.

(Note: Only 6 members were present during this release as member Handong wasn’t present due to her participation back then in Chinese reality show “Youth with You.”)



Teary-eyed Dreamcatcher celebrating their first ever music show win with “Maison.” They won 1st place on MBC’s “Show Champion” on April 20, 2022.

The first in the trilogy that is their “Apocalypse” era, both the lyrics and the music video for “Maison” embody environmentalism conveyed through their usual darker thematic elements in a post-apocalyptic world. “Maison” isn’t something that should be skipped as well, given that it’s this song, released 7 years after their debut, that they got their first ever music show win on “Show Champion.” For any Insomnia, this song holds both a call-to-action of saving the world, and the significant memory of the girls’ first of many awards to come.


Bon Voyage

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“Bon Voyage,” released earlier this year, is their latest title track to date. Also the farewell to their yearslong Apocalypse project, “Bon Voyage,” undoubtedly makes a great climax. It delivers a dynamic arrangement of mellow beginnings that ultimately mingles with their signature guitar riffs and rock sounds. In fact, many can agree that it’s very much akin to an anime opening—a comparison never unwarranted for listeners of the group. True to its name, and its lyrics that translate to “Say hi and hug the tomorrow that will unfold for you,” this song definitely sets up on how there’s more to look forward to for Dreamcatcher.


Honorable Mentions:

These songs—erm, videos—are worth a listen or view as well, so here are more …

Dreamcatcher returns to Manila on Aug. 28 for “Under the Moonlight.” Event is presented by Random Minds Inc.

“Under the Moonlight” is presented by Random Minds PH. Tickets are still available via TicketNet outlets and

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