Jun Ji-hyun shares her favorite scene in ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’

Jun Ji-hyun shares her favorite scene in ‘Kingdom: Ashin of the North’

Actress Jun Ji-hyun revealed that she was a fan of the “Kingdom” franchise before she became part of the series. This is why the scenes that explain the origin of the resurrection plant are her favorite scenes from the special episode “Kingdom: Ashin of the North.”

“Because my character Ashin is a woman who knows the secret of the resurrection plant. There were certain scenes in this special episode that gave a hint [about the plant],” Jun said during the press conference for the Asia Pacific press on July 20.

“Every time I was shooting those scenes, I felt like that was becoming part of the Kingdom series. So as a fan myself, I enjoyed shooting those scenes. I really got chills down my spine in those particular scenes. So those are the most memorable for me,” she said.

Jun Ji-hyun in Ashin of the North

The special episode was created to explain the beginning of the resurrection plant. It is the prequel for the franchise. The Netflix Original is already available in the platform.

“As to why I love ‘Kingdom,’ I would say that it is not a series or a piece of work that can be changed or that it is dependent on one or two stars or members of the cast,” she said. “I would say it is based on an immaculate script, amazing direction and fascinating art. So I would say that ‘Kingdom’ is a comprehensive piece of work that has its form. It’s truly an honor and it brings me great joy to think that something created in Korea is brought to the entire world.”

Park Byeung-eun who plays Royal Commandery head Min Chi-rok also shared his favorite scene from the special episode.

“When the young Ashin was kneeling before Min Chi-rok was very special and memorable for me because Kim Si-a’s performance was absolutely amazing,” he said. “I loved her performance in that particular scene. In turn, it provided me and my character, similar energy that I needed to create that scene.”

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