Jun Ji-hyun makes a cameo in ‘Kingdom 2’

Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun makes a cameo in ‘Kingdom 2’

Actress Jun Ji-hyun  makes a cameo on the finale of the second season zombie drama, “Kingdom”.

Super K tried to fish information about her cameo from director Kim Seung-hun on March 5 during a video conference with the show’s creators.  But the director proved to be a hard nut to crack when it came to sharing secrets.  

He named actors Park Byung-eun and Kim Tae-hun who both played head of the Royal Commandery Division.  He even mentioned Ahn Jae-hong (“Fight for my Way”) who will play a eunuch in the drama.  

“Hopefully with that I will leave you all guessing as to how many other new characters you’ll be seeing,” he said mysteriously. 

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Soompi reported that her scene was reportedly filmed separately and after the cast completed theirs.  Her cameo came at the final scene of Season 2. It lasted for 12 seconds and that included the camera panning from her feet.  

Season 3 of “Kingdom” is not yet confirmed.  But the actress’ agency Culture Depot stated that they will consider an offer to be part of Season 3 positively.

What Jun Ji-hyun’s agency confirmed, however, is that she will be starring in the drama with the working title of “Mount Jiri”.  The new drama is written by “Kingdom” writer Kim Eun-hee. This will be her first drama since “Legend of the Blue Sea” which she starred with Lee Min-ho.  

Jun is a well-loved and influential actress in South Korea.  She starred in the films “My Sassy Girl” and “Il Mare.” She played opposite Kim Soo-hyun in “My Live from the Star.”

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