Ju Ji-hoon rises to his role as crown prince in the second trailer of ‘Kingdom’

Ju Ji-hoon rises to his role as crown prince in the second trailer of ‘Kingdom’

“They used to disappear when the sun is up,” Ju Ji-hoon says in the latest trailer of the Joseon zombie series “Kingdom”.

It is a frightening reminder of what our main characters discovered by the end of the first season:  it’s not the light that they were afraid of. 

Bae Doo-na makes an appearance in the trailer, too. She drops hints that the zombies, or monsters as what they referred to in this Netflix Original series, have become beasts.  That they only move for the scent of human flesh and blood.  

Ju is finally taking an active role in protecting the people from the plague of the undead.  We also see a change in his stance, too. He is more self-assured. Ju is no longer the foolish crown prince trying to outrun whatever it is after him.  He is ready to fight.  

Lest we forget, “Kingdom” is a royal court drama.  Ju has to claim his birthright. Ryu Seung-ryong will do whatever it takes to stop him.  He still wields the most knowledge when it comes to dealing with the undead.  

“Fight the living,” the trailer says. 

Ju is ready fight.  In Season 1, he is already gaining popularity among the living.  He’s making sound alliances to topple the evil within the palace. In the trailer, he leads his men in climbing walls, fighting the undead, facing the living.

Court drama

Interestingly, the Queen is no longer in the background. A picture of her in her white clothes, combing her hair peacefully is even more menacing than the growls and hisses of the zombies. Her smile while on the throne wearing in what appears to be a royal wedding gown is the most chilling thing of all. 

The biggest challenge for our embattled crown prince is if he is ready to face his father, the King. 

“Kingdom” will start streaming on Netflix on March 13.  Watch the full trailer here:

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