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Ji Chang-wook Philippines gives masks and alcohol to PGH doctors, LRT-1 commuters
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Ji Chang-wook Philippines gives masks and alcohol to PGH doctors, LRT-1 commuters

Ji Chang-wook Philippines

While everybody else is hoarding face masks and alcohol, Ji Chang-wook Philippines (JCWPH) distributed them to LRT-1 commuters and medical frontliners at the Philippine General Hospital.  

The fan club first gave away a total of 2,000 cloth face masks to LRT -1 commuters and security personnel on Feb. 16 to prevent spread of COVID-19.  Members of the group waited at every station rom Roosevelt to Baclaran and simultaneously distributed cloth masks to commuters from 9 am until their stock ran out.  They also gave away masks around Manila City Hall area. 

They brought with them a photo of the actor wearing a black mask with the words “a simple act of kindness  goes a long way.”

Ji Chang-wook Philippines
Ji Chang-wook Philippines
Ji Chang-wook Philippines
Ji Chang-wook Philippines donated cloth face masks to commuters of LRT-1 on Feb. 16. Photos | FACEBOOK: JCWPH

The group raised P20,000 for the campaign.  Anne dela Cruz, admin of the page, said that the money came from donations and profit from the merchandise that they were able to sell.  

“We’ve been doing outreach regularly the past year,” said dela Cruz. “ Besides following the example Ji, this is something our members do voluntarily.  They really step up when we ask them to help other people. Our group feels happy when we help out.”

Ji donated 100M won to Red Cross to purchase medical supplies for the frontliners in Daegu, South Korea battling COVID-19.  

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Philippine General Hospital (PGH) called out the Bayanihan spirit in their Facebook account and asked for donation of Personal Protective Equipment and Ethyl alcohol.  The hospital needs surgical mask, N95 mask, face shield and surgical gowns. Following Ji’s footsteps in supporting the frontliners, JCWPH heeded PGH’s call.  

They donated  tissue rolls, surgical face masks, N95 masks and alcohol PGH on March 16. Dela Cruz said that they queued in warehouses to purchase boxes of alcohol and face masks for their donation.  

They also donated alcohol, tissue, baby wipes and cloth face masks to the The Cancer Institute in PGH on the same day.   

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“I think this is one of the secrets on why our group continuously grows.  It’s very different when people see that we sincerely help out,” Dela Cruz said. “Yes, we got to know each other because we idolize Ji. But we treat each other like family without asking anything in return.”

Ji Chang-wook Philippines also sent $500 to Daegu, the epicenter of COVID-19 in South Korea. They did it through the actor’s Korean fanclub, Dayrock.  Their donation with other international fanclubs Ji Chang-wook’s Kitchen and Ji Chang-wook Fanclub Russ raised a total of 7,122,000 won or P301,000 to benefit South Korea’s Red Cross.

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Email ph.jichangwook for donations.

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