Ji Chang-wook joins #ThanksTo challenge after Kang Ha-neul tags him

Ji Chang-wook

Ji Chang-wook joins #ThanksTo challenge after Kang Ha-neul tags him

Actor Ji Chang-wook joined the “Thanks To” challenge after fellow actor Kang Ha-neul tagged him.  The two worked together in the musical “Shinheung Military Academy” while both were serving their military service. 

Kang was challenged by “When the Camellia Blooms”  co-star Oh Jung-se in the challenge he posted May 2.  The actor called the medical frontliners the Avengers of Korea for all their hard work.  He challenged directors Lee Byeong-hun, Jang Hang-jun and Ji. 


Ji responded to Kang’s challenge the following day. The actor looked relaxed in his blue shirt  with his right hand doing the thumbs up sign while an open left hand supports its weight.

“Even with the hard days caused by COVID-19, we are able to spend our daily lives with peace of mind thanks to the medical staff who help us overcome the crisis more than anyone else. Sincere thanks and respect,” he said. “I wish you all the best medical staff every day with the joy of being safe, healthy and laughing for a moment.”


The challenge aims to encourage its citizens to thank the frontliners and show them respect in their social media accounts.  They must use the hashtags #덕분에챌린지 (Thanks To Challenge) and #의료진덕분에 (Thank you to the medical staff).  It was launched on May 21 by the Korean government through Hallyu superstar BoA. 

Ji has supported the frontliners eary this year when he donated 100-million won or roughly P4M to Red Cross Korea for the benefit of COVID-19 patients.  

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The actor has starred in numerous dramas including “Melting Me Softly,” “Healer” and “Empress Ki.” He is also one of the lifestyle brand Bench’s current ambassadors.  

Ji Chang-wook Philippines have also been actively supporting families affected by the pandemic through different outreach programs.  

They’ve distributed masks, alcohols and other PPEs to LRT-1 commuters, hospitals and individuals in dire need of them.  They’ve also given away trays of egg as part of the care pack for families.  

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Instead of tagging a specific personality, Ji opted to tag everyone to join in the challenge.  

“We hope you all have a healthy day, and please participate in the Challenge,” he said. “The next runner is everyone who reads this post. Please keep warm cheer.”

He ended his post with a smiley.

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