IU’s ‘Eight’ featuring BTS’ Suga is out

IU’s ‘Eight’ featuring BTS’ Suga is out

IU’s latest single “Eight” is available for streaming and we are screaming! The track and music video features the rapping of BTS’ Suga.  

The influence of the film “Inception” is very noticeable in the music video which was released today, May 6.  IU enters a white chamber, puts on the music and goes to sleep. 

In the next scene we see her in a flowy dress.  

We see her sing on top of the rooftop in a preppy maroon sweater.

We also see her in her yellow pajamas. 

The music video has so many layers that we even see a version of IU in animation form.  She’s in the plane with the rapping of Suga in the background. Her animated self explores jungles and even rides a dragon.  

Lest we forget, the music video treats us to the cool and calming voice of the songstress. This is the second song that she dropped this year.  The first was “Give You My Heart” for the  soundtrack of the hit drama “Crash Landing on You.”

We needed this, IU. Thank you!

Watch the entire  video here:

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