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IN PHOTOS: 10 things we love about Rowoon’s Manila fanmeet

Rowoon loved every moment he spent time with his fans in the Philippines. It showed. The actor, model and SF9’s lead vocalist came to the Philippines on June 26.
The event was hosted by Globe Kmmunity, the telco’s online community for fans of Kdrama, Kpop and Korean lifestyle. It is Rowoon’s first solo fan meet since his acting career took off.
We list down some of our favorite moments from that night here, through the lens of Bunny Javier.

Undeniable visual

Let’s start with the obvious. And the obvious is his visuals. We went through the photos that our photographers sent us and all of them look like they are ready for publishing. His skin looks lustrous and flawless in all of the photos without any help from filters. This is how perfection looks like.

Happy and we know it

When Rowoon came out he was so happy to see the crowd. He couldn’t keep a straight face when he stepped on the stage.

Rowoon looked surprised and very happy when he came out. Photo by Bunny Javier

Must love ‘taho’

Rowoon was very excited when he was presented with some Filipino snacks. He tried puto bumbong and turon.
“I love bananas,” he said. He suggested to eat turon after exercising. But Rowoon had his eyes on taho from the start.
The joy on his face when he had a mouthful of taho was undeniable. He even went as far as saying that he would like to bring taho to Korea.

Rowoon enjoys his taho. Photo by Bunny Javier
Wedding ready

When he was asked to wear a barong Tagalog and he suddenly looked like the perfect groom.

‘Kilay’ is life

His favorite feature is his kilay. It’s so perfect he doesn’t even have to put makeup on it.

Love the kilay, love the guy. Photo by Bunny Javier
Gift from the heart

Rowoon drew an artwork on a bayong as a gift. He drew his hand as a high five and wished that it would be something to give strength to his fan.

Rowoon presenting his gift to a fan. Photo by Bunny Javier
Angel on Earth

You don’t always get to see an angel on Earth, but Rowoon is the closest thing to it. He had to wear wings as a non-punishment for a game he won. Rowoon initially wanted a flower crown but his fans asked for the wings. He did but he wore it on his chest and started flapping his arms. What is cuteness?

See Also

Rowoon wearing wings on his chest. Photo by Bunny Javier
Giving up? He doesn’t know her

It wasn’t easy to play sipa in leather shoes and pants, but he gave his best. He kept trying and trying till he was able to hit the sipa twice with his foot.

Ending with a serenade

Rowoon ended his fanmeet by serenading his fans with an Original Sound Track from “The King’s Affection”. Just when we thought that he was going to say his goodbye to audience, he put on his earpiece and sang “No Goodbye in Love”.

Always hello, never goodbye. Photo by Bunny Javier
Love the boy

When Rowoon did this. ‘Nough said.

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