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Hyun Bin writes another love letter to his fans

By: Ruth L. Navarra

Hyun Bin asked his fans how they are in a love letter.

“My beloved fans! How are you,” he wrote “These days, people are asking how they are one another. I wonder how you’re doing.”

The letter was written in Korean and published in VAST Entertainment’s Instagram account.  The agency translated into three other languages English, Chinese and Japanese.  

The actor said that he is busy shooting a new project. The actor’s confirmed project is a new film titled “Bargaining.”  The announcement came after the hit series “Crash Landing On You” ended.  


“I have thought deeply about how I can deliver my gratitude for your encouragement and heart that you had sent to the shooting, so I’m writing this letter for you now,” he wrote. 

He wrote that he’s grateful for the love and support that has been given to him.  Hyun Bin promises that he will never forget his fans’ lovely heart.  

Hyun Bin. Photo courtesy of Smart Communications

He also promised that he will do better work to repay their love.  Then he ends his letter by telling his fans to “Please stay healthy and take a good care of yourself until the day when we can ask one another freely about how we are.”

He signed the letter with, “One day in June, 2020”.

This is his second letter for fans this year.  The first one was published in February. He wished his fans well amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

It turned out that he donated 200M won or around P8M secretly when he wrote that letter. His donation was for the benefit of the Community Chest of Korea.   Read about that story here.

The actor is also the current ambassador of l Smart Communications and Bench.  He’s set to visit the Philippines soon.  

Read the entire letter here:

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