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How to boost the immune system according to ‘All the Butlers’

How to boost the immune system according to ‘All the Butlers’

By: Ruth L. Navarra

The three masters featured in the past two episodes of “All the Butlers” gave tips on how to boost the immune system.  

It’s a timely episode as the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic.  The show says that a lot of people are curious about strengthening the immune system.  Some of the ways to do that is exercise, getting enough sunlight and fresh air.   

Lee Seung-gi, Shin Sung-rok, Yang Se-hyung were joined by UP10TION’s Lee Jin-hyuk and former master now fellow student Kim Dong-hyun.  The five met three masters. They were fitness trainer and TV personality Sean Lee, Psychologist Park Kyung-hwa and chef Lim Ji-ho.  

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The students tested their physical fitness in a series of tests.  The tests led them to find out the ages of their bodies in the most hilarious way. They went to see Master Lee soon after. Their new master introduced himself by making them do a series of exercises as soon as he met them. 

Fitness trainer Sean Lee teaches gang how to “Hoo” and “Haa” screenshot from VIU

Hooha 6 

Master Lee taught them a six-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that can be adjusted according to their fitness level.  The trainer named the workout as Hooha 6. It was named as such because Lee did his breathing counts by saying “Hoo-haa”.  

“Start the workout with a smile,” he said.  He also encouraged his students to laugh in between while they were taking 10-second breaks.  The goal of the exercise is to do six movements within 10 seconds.  

“Let’s Go On a Journey” by Seung-gi played in the background as they did squats, push-ups and marching in place.  They were all spent by the time the workout they finished.  

How to  boost the immune system according to ‘All the Butlers’
Dr. Park Kyung-hwa analyzes the stress level of the cast through their illustrations Screenshot from VIU

Heart (and mind) doctor

They went to see Dr. Park right after. The group drew themselves in the rain.  It had no other instructions and rules. It turned out that the rain represents stress. The doctor diagnosed the level of stress they face through their illustrations.

She also gave them scenarios to play out to see how they deal with highly stressful situations.  Stress weakens the immune system. Dr. Park said that the biggest stressor for most people are relationships.  

Lee Seung-gi and Yang Se-hyung play out a scenario Photo by SBS

“Most people think that their method of solving a problem is the best.  It’s actually a trap,” she said. “Your ideas are based on your memories and experiences. Rather than insisting to other people to believe something because you saw it, you have to listen to what they have to say and find out what you have missed.”

Then it is the time to share your opinions and accept them.  Understanding where the other person is coming from can lead to less stress and conflict.

Eat what nature provides

Chef Lim is their last master.  He turned out to be Se-hyung’s favorite chef.  The comedian ended up helping the chef in the kitchen where he got a special treat of grilled shrimp. 

Chef Lim’s style is to use what nature provides in his recipes.  That means scrounging the ground for whatever it yields. This includes thistle, henbit deadnettle and flowers. He adapts to what is available and serves it.  He said that eating what nature provides is common in the past, but is now forgotten.  

“I don’t make anything artificial.  My food comes from nature,” he said.  “However, no one will eat my food if it tastes bad.”

How to  boost the immune system according to ‘All the Butlers’
Master Lee cooks a sumptuous meal that made Lee Seung-gi felt love Screenshot from VIU

Seung-gi agrees and tells him that it has to suit their taste bud, too.  Chef Lim provided them a very green meal. And every single dish were surprisingly good. Seung-gi said that he did not expect much from the meal. He even expected it to be bitter, but they’re not. The actor said that he felt loved with the dishes the chef prepared for them.  

“What is the purpose of food? Food saves lives,” Lim said. “Food is medicine.  Medicine is food.”

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