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Here’s why Tropang LOL and #ApologizeToEunhyuk are trending

By: Ruth L. Navarra

Fans of Super Junior or ELFs were up in arms over a segment in Tropang LOL formerly known as Lunch Out Loud. They trended #CancelTropangLOL today to protest the show’s segment Maritest.   The segment is inspired by the more popularly known quiz show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Contestants of the show need to answer showbiz-related questions for a corresponding cash prize.  The P25,000 question was asked by Tropang LOL host Alex Gonzaga and it was,“Sa concert scene sa Pilipinas, aling Kpop group ang nagcancel ng show sa Pilipinas recently dahil ang isa sa mga tatay ng members ay pumanaw?” (In the Philippine concert scene, which Kpop group canceled their show in the Philippines recently because the father of one of the members passed away?)

Fans took offense with the question because the “Super Show 9: Road in Manila” was only postponed, not canceled. 

Early this week, ELFs also called out Dasuri Choi for a dance video she posted in Tiktok. The choreographer and dancer made a video and captioned it  “cancelled Super Junior concert.”  Fans requested her to delete or at least edit the caption. Choi listened and has now deleted said video from her account. 

Label SJ confirmed the death of the father of Lee Hyuk-jae or Eunhyuk on Aug. 6, the same date of the concert.  Super Junior members Shindong, Ryeowook, Donghae, Yesung, Kyuhyun, and Leeteuk still met with their fans at the MOA Arena to apologize for the postponement.  They promised to return to make it up to them.  They also thanked the fans for the support they’ve shown that day. 


Comedian Pooh was the contestant for Tropang LOL’s Maritest segment and admitted that he is not into K-pop.  He then used the equivalent of a lifeline in “Who Wants” and asked cast of Tropang LOL for help. Most of the cast answered correctly and named Super Junior as the group the question was referring to.  The other options were Seventeen, GOT7, and SHINee. 

Another comedian made a side comment of “Mahilig pa naman si Pooh sa mga super junior” (This translates to Pooh likes super junior, but the comment was not referring to the group). The joke can be deemed as green and refer to Pooh liking underage boys. It is distasteful by itself, but telling it when the fandom is still worrying about Eunhyuk is rubbing salt into the wound.

Gonzaga would explain the context of the question. She said that the cancellation was “understandable” given the situation. The Tropang LOL host continued, “Pero sana ibalik pa rin nila no?” (I hope they return/refund it, no?). The host didn’t complete the sentence but it was understood she was referring to the money fans paid for their tickets.

Akala ko which is understandable sana binuhay na ulit,” [I thought it was understandable (laughs). They should’ve brought him back to life] “Pooh responded with a joke in the end.

Gonzaga gently berated him and said, “hindi naman mabubu-, resched na lang for the fans.” [They cannot bring him back- (incomplete sentence), I hope they reschedule for the fans.]

Protecting Eunhyuk

Happee Sy, COO of Pulp, organizer of “Super Show 9” and certified ELF to post about what the fandom is going through.  

The hashtag #ApologizetoEunhyuk and #ApologizetoSuperJunior also trended to call the attention of the show producers. This is not by any means sheer pettiness or overacting on the part of the ELFs. What they are asking for are empathy and sensitivity to what the members and the fandom is going through. The hashtags are moves to protect Eunhyuk and the rest of his family after a tragedy that has befallen them. 

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