GOT7’s Park Jin-young and four other reasons why you’ll love ‘When My Love Blooms’

GOT7’s Park Jin-young and four other reasons why you’ll love ‘When My Love Blooms’

“When My Love Blooms” premiered over the weekend and it claimed top spot in its time slot across cable channels.  Koreans love the melodramatic series for following the reasons.  

Want to find out what South Koreans love about this drama?  We give you five reasons why.  

It’s a story about first love

The drama takes place both in the past and in the present.  It lookes at the lives of Jae-hyun (Yoo Ji-tae) and Ji-soo (Lee Bo-young).  They are two people who were each other’s first loves in their younger years. In flashbacks, we see them as college students, Jae-hyun as a law student and Ji Soo as a piano major.  Thus, we see how these two people from very different backgrounds meet, and how they eventually fall in love.

Yoo Ji-tae

Lee Bo-young

You know exactly what you are getting into: a heart-wrenching storyline

Jae-hyun and Ji-soo fatefully meet again later in their 40s. Their reunion emphasizes how much disconnected they are from each other.  They deal with their own own demons. What betrays their feelings are their body language and the longing in their eyes.  

GOT7’s Park Jin-young is in it. 

Park Jin-young

You read it right.  GOT7’s Park Jin-young is part of the series.  He plays the young Jae-hyun.  While Jeon So-nee plays the younger version of Ji-soo.  Your heart will flutter because of their chemistry.  

Park Si-yeon

There will be characters we will love to hate.  

A K-Drama is never complete without our love-to-hate characters. We will be introduced to the characters that make their lives miserable and stand in the way of their happiness. From the first episode, we see Jae Hyun’s wife, Seo-kyeong (Park Si-yeon).  She is a strong woman who will fight for what she wants.  She gets her biggest support from her ruthless father-in-law played by Moon Sung-geun. 

(Left: Jang Seo Kyeong, portrayed by Park Si Yeon; Right: Jang San, portrayed by Moon Sung Geun)

It’s a show that fights for second chances.

Things may have happened in the past but that does not mean all is lost. In “When My Love Blooms,” the characters are given another chance to experience something beautiful together again when their lives get intertwined about 20 years after.

“When My Love Blooms” is streaming on VIU.

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