For Park Seo-joon, the most important style statement is confidence

Global Benchsetter Park Seo-joon entered the Rigodon Ballroom of The Peninsula Manila with Dong-man’s aura and Sung-joon’s style. He sat with his back straight and scanned the roomful of media people before settling in. Fans can compare his entrance to that of his character Dong-man in “Fight for My Way.” He looked unsure, but ready to tackle whatever was thrown at him.

He wore a black-sleeved shirt, black pants and white kicks. His style has always been relaxed but on point, just like his character Sung-joon in “She Was Pretty.” He is one of those celebrities who knows what looks good on him and steers clear of what does not.

And he looks good in any type of clothes or, yes, even without them. His fans still vividly remember how he looked when he took off his shirt in “2 Days & 1 Night” to promote “Hwarang.”

“Exercise is really my number one hobby,” he replied when Inquirer asked.

He listens to different music genres, but prefers K-pop and hip-hop while exercising. He added that music keeps his body rhythm alive.

His discipline in keeping his body fit makes him the perfect clothing endorser. T-shirts hang on his broad shoulders like these were custom-made for him.

Asked to give advice to people who want to copy his style, he said: “I am not a fashion stylist, but I think the most important thing is confidence. And it’s important to understand your body type. It really helps to try on as many types of clothing as possible so that you can, in the process, learn what looks good on you.”

In an interview with Inquirer Lifestyle (see related article), Park said that he mixes and matches colors in his clothes. This is how he finds a perfect place for his Bench pieces.

“It’s important to understand your body type,” says the well-dressed star. —LEO M. SABANGAN II

Like therapy

One of the things he likes to do to relax is to meet up with friends.

“I really enjoy spending time with my friends. It’s sort of like therapy, you know, when I’m going through something new. I just need to relax and release. I like to hang out with my friends and talk to them about what I’m going through,” he said.

Choi Min-ho, his coactor in “Hwarang,” revealed how he would treat everyone for dinner because he is their senior. He still hangs out with his costars from the drama series.

He once went on vacation with Park Hyung-sik and Kim Tae-hyung (BTS’ V) one year after the show wrapped up. He continues to support the young idol in his endeavors through his own platform.

The Korean A-lister admitted that he had no idea of the huge following he has in the Philippines.

“It was only when I was asked to be an endorser for Bench that I realized that I must have a sizeable following in the Philippines,” Park said to host Sam Oh. He said that he told Ben Chan how honored he was to be chosen to endorse the brand.

Park is one of the most popular and trusted endorsers in Korea. His face can be seen on billboards all over Seoul and in supermarkets.

But he does not allow fame to go to his head.

“My goal has never been fame, nor do I act for the fame and popularity,” he told Lifestyle. “The only thing I truly feel toward this fame is gratitude. I’m always thankful for this attention and I try my best not to make mistakes. I think I always try to maintain a healthy mindset.”

He broke into one of his rare smiles during the press conference when he was compared to Ryan Gosling. He said that while he is a fan of the actor, he would rather be known as himself in the future.

That’s why he said he will work harder to come out with more memorable projects.

He thinks he will still be acting and doing several different projects in the next five years.

He is also considering going back to the Philippines for more work opportunities.

“Acting is a craft that doesn’t really need language,” he said. “It can cross barriers. More than leisurely activities, this is a good place for me to come back. I’m here with Bench but I hope for more opportunities to come back and do more work here.”

And to that, we put our palms together and say, yes please, come back.

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