Five things that we enjoyed about Seo Kang-jun’s fanmeet

Five things that we enjoyed about Seo Kang-jun’s fanmeet

We still have a hangover from the fanmeet of Seo Kang-jun last May 25 at the New Frontier Theater. Here are the highlights of “The Last Charm” fanmeet.

The actor charmed his fans last month and promised to return to them again.-RUTH L. NAVARRA

He talked about his drama “Are You Human?” Kang-jun said that his role as Nam-shin is the most memorable role he had so far because it felt like he was playing two roles—that of a real person and that of a robot. He also revealed that to prepare for this role, he watched the Steven Spielberg’s “AI: Artificial Intelligence.” He opened the show by singing the opening theme song from the drama “Are You Human?”

He talked about Filipino food. He talked about a food that he tried in his hotel that is very much like galbi. The food turned out to be liempo. He ate Ilocos empanada which he described as “sour” because he had to dip it into vinegar. He enjoyed leche flan but he would reveal that his favorite Filipino food would be the lechon. Perhaps, he really found the roasted crispy skin to taste good. He also prepared sago’t gulaman that he shared with two lucky fans from the audience.

Seo Kang-jun-EDS GARCIA

The way he made us fall for him is one for the books. At first, he felt the pressure of the fanmeeting because he was not sure why the fans like him. He felt that he is not popular enough, but when he the crowd cheered for him that was when he felt his popularity. In return, he complimented every fan that he interacted with. He told them that they look cute or pretty.

He said that his fans were his girlfriend when he was asked if he had any girlfriend at the moment. “You are all my girlfriend,” he said. We completely fell for him when he said he did not want to dance. But when the crowd started chanting “sample,” he gave in. We caught this on video and the repeat button is now dead.

He promised to return to Manila. He said as a parting shot, “I hope to see you again. Be healthy. I’ll be back. Mahal kita.”

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