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First look: Yoo Ah-in will drift into the screen in August


The ‘88’-shaped skid marks in the released poster imply the 1988 setting and exhilarating car actions the movie will behold. Seoul Vibe” features classic vehicles from 1988 together with trendy contemporary music, providing fans with a treat for both the eyes and the ears. 

The stylish “Sanggye-dong Supreme Team” will be composed of the best drifter Dong-wook (by Yoo Ah-in of “Hellbound”), the sentimental DJ John Woo (by Koh Kyung-Pyo of “Reply 1988“), navigator Bok-nam (by Lee Kyoo-hyung of “All of us Are Dead”), versatile biker Yoon-hee (Park Ju-hyun of “The Dude in Me”) and youngest-of-the-group Joon-gi (Ong Seong-wu of Wannaone).

The team will go up against the main money mover Director Lee (by Kim Sung-kyun), and the right hand of the VIP President Kang (by Moon So-ri). Prosecutor Ahn (Oh Jung-se of “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”) will carry on the informal investigation together with the Sanggye-dong Supreme Tea” under the supervision of the Chief Prosecutor (Jung Woong-in). 

From popping visuals and music to the unique setting revolving around the 1988 Korean Olympics, “Seoul Vibe” will be globally released on Aug. 26 in Netflix.  

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