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Experiencing the Love

By: Ruth L. Navarra

SEOUL—K-drama enthusiasts can enter the fictional world of “Love Alarm” through the Love Alarm Experience Zone. It can be found on the grounds of Lotte World Tower in Jamsil. You need to only look up to find your way there.

Hovering above the sky is the Love Alarm’s logo of a heart inside a couple of circles. In the Netflix Original drama, that logo signifies an event connected to the app.

Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram and Song Kang visited the Experience Zone on Tuesday, Aug. 20. They came in unannounced, surprising the visitors who were there.

ung Ga-ram, Kim So-hyun and Song Kang made a surprise visit to the Love Alarm Experience Zone on Tuesday. The zone allows visitors to be in Kim Jojo’s shoes and make decisions like picking between the pink snow globe or the blue. —PHOTOS FROM NETFLIX

They entered one of the two snow globes set up by the entrance. One of the globes is filled with white and pink balloons, while the other has blue and clear balloons filled with glitter.

The snow globe is based on the commercial of the app with the theme song of “Mr. Sandman” featured in the drama. You would often see the commercial at the counter of the convenience store where Kim Jojo works.

The theme of the Experience Zone is the love triangle of Jojo (So-hyun), Hye-youngng (Ga-ram) and Sun-oh (Kang). There are always choices to make. Pink or blue. Sit on bean bags of twos or threes. What shape and color to send to the LED tree? Which room is your favorite—the room where blue lights drop from the ceiling like rain or the cloud room of white and blue balloons?

There is also a photo station where you will be photographed three times and the photos will be turned into a GIF. You get to stand on the phone just like the poster of the drama.

Jung Ga-ram, Kim So-hyun, Song Kang

At the end of your exploration, you can post some of the photos and use the hashtag #LoveAlarm. Two posts earn you two coins to try your luck in the claw machine. They show photos of Kim Jojo with Sun-oh or Hye-yeon.

You can visit the Love Alarm Experience Zone for free until Sept. 1 from 4-10 pm.

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