EXO Kai endorses SS20 Gucci Eyewear

EXO KAI for Gucci eyewear

EXO Kai endorses SS20 Gucci Eyewear

There are many ways to describe Kai.  

He is EXO’s maknae and power dancer.  That he has so complete control of his body that he could appear to recklessly twirl but still manages to stop on the spot he wants to stop.  He brought his power dancing with him when SM Entertainment’s K-pop Avengers, SUPER M, was formed.  

That he can be utterly masculine while wearing florals.  His impeccable taste allows him to pull off one brand from head-to-toe.  His influence reaches fans that buy products he endorses, selling them out. 

It’s not a surprise that luxury brand Gucci got him again as their eyewear’s endorser for the Spring/Summer 2020 collection.  He is the brand’s first Korean male ambassador when he endorsed their Fall/Winter eyewear collection. 

EXO’s official social media account made the announcement on Twitter.  

Kai earned the title “human Gucci” when he attended the brand’s fashion show early this year wearing only Gucci pieces.  

The video campaign for the eyewear shows him entering a music store, browsing through shelves of vinyls, tapes and CDs. He looks sexy in his unbuttoned checkered coat, red fedora hat, studded bracelet and huge eyeglasses.  The vibe is straight from the late 80s but Kai is right at home with the quirky, fashionable crew in the store.   

Watch the video right here.  


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