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My Secret Terrius, so Ji-sub

Conspiracy theories be damned, ‘My Secret Terrius’ is a K-drama worth checking out

By: Ruth L. Navarra

“My Secret Terrius” is a two-year-old drama that is currently enjoying its newfound popularity because of a theory that it predicted the pandemic this year.  The theory? That the current pandemic is caused by greedy pharmaceutical companies/nations to profit from the sale of vaccines.  

The viral post was something like this: 

“If anyone has Netflix, I encourage you to watch ‘My Secret Terrius’. Go to Season 1 episode 10 and skip to 53 minutes. This series was made 2 years ago and predicted the coronavirus pandemic. It says it is a manmade disease and also states that it is being used in a biochemical weapon in a terrorist attack.”

A 2018 K-drama predicting this year’s pandemic is one of the most effective promotion gimmicks that its creators did not come up with.  It was so effective that we binge-watched it over the weekend. It seems this writer is not the only one. It’s now on the Top 10 most watched shows on Netflix for the Philippines.   

This drama is a work of fiction, written by Oh Ji-young. She also wrote “Shopaholic Louis.  Science News also reported that COVID-19 is not manmade. You can read the article here.

So Ji-sub is Terrius

So Ji-sub is the lead actor for this drama.  He plays the role of Kim Bon/Terrius, an elite agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS). Bon is good at everything: martial arts, shooting,  covert operation and babysitting. At one point, he was even compared to Hyun Bin.  

Yes, babysitting.  

So Ji-sub looks capable of fixing anyone’s hair.
My Secret Terrius So Ji-sub
Babysitter of your dreams.

Bon is an elite agent gone rogue. He’s in hiding after being framed for conspiring with the enemy.  He ends up taking care of his neighbor’s twins after her husband was murdered after witnessing a crime.  

As a sitter, he picks them up from the bus stop, plays with them, and buys  them ice cream. It’s obviously inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Kindergarten Cop.”

The twins’ mom Ae-rin (Jung In-sun) works at J International as a secretary.  She unknowingly gets hired because her husband’s killers want to keep an eye on her.  

The episodes are well planned out.  First, it encourages you to develop a liking to the lead characters.  The viewers are allowed to hear their thoughts while they talk to each other.  Thus, it gives you a frontrow seat to the paranoia of one and the naivete of the other.  

Solid supporting cast

There are no love triangles or  jealous scenes for the lead characters.  Those things happened for the supporting cast. Ji-yeon (Im Se-mi) can be childish in her crush for Bon.  Ra Do-woo (Kim Sung-joo), in turn, nurses an unrequited love for her. 

My Secret Terrius So Ji-sub
The Kingcastle Information System is an elite group of parents that look after each others’ kids.

Members of the Kingcastle Information System (KIS) are funny and charming.  They are the neighborhood gossips who keep their community safe by looking out for each other. The friendship that they share and the way they raise each other’s children makes them every parents’ #squadgoals.  

Not a typical heroine

Ae-rin is a widow with twins.  She is someone trying to look for a job knowing that it will be hard.  If her husband didn’t get murdered, she would not even be employed. In turn, she becomes the breadwinner and hires Kim Bon as the babysitter. She thinks she’s hiring a bum.

My Secret Terrius So Ji-sub
It’s understandable for Ae-rin to fall for her babysitter

You have this woman whose priority is not to fall in love.  She just wants to raise her kids well. This makes her very likeable and relatable. You really just want her to do well.  When she falls inlove, you cheer for her, urging her to go on and give it another try.    

Exciting and funny until the end

There are many layers to this drama.The coronavirus threat is just one of them. The mystery keeps it exciting.  There’s money laundering, corruption, bionuclear weapons and an organization that is truly evil.  

So Ji-sub kicking ass is also fun to watch. It’s really amazing how he can transform himself from the tough NIS agent to babysitter with a blink of an eye.  

My Secret Terrius So Ji-sub
There are a lot of precious and funny moments in drama like Ji-sub giving Kang Ki-young a nose-to-nose kiss.

It’s a drama worth watching even when you only discovered it (like me!) because of a conspiracy theory. 

My Secret Terrius So Ji-sub
Wanna bet that a lot of people will head to Seoul Tower and have their mojito there when this is all over? Photos are screenshots from the drama, “My Secret Terrius”

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