Chen is a father and EXO-Ls shower him with love


Chen is a father and EXO-Ls shower him with love

EXO’s Chen is officially a daddy.  

SM confirms that his wife gave birth to a daughter today, April 29, according to the report of Korean entertainment site Soompi.  

Chen, whose real name is Kim Jong-dae,  announced his marriage in January through a letter.  EXO-Ls (fandom name) were up in arms protecting him from expulsion from the group.

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EXO-Ls  showing the world how fans should behave to show support for their idol’s happiness.  The words #Chen and #종대야_축하해 (Congratulations, Jongdae) trended on Twitter.  


Others expressed sincere concerns for his wife.

Some left the sweetest messages. 

They also imagined what other EXO members would be like as an uncle. 

Others already proposed shows where they look forward to seeing Chen interact with his princess. 

There are fanarts already out about this. 

We are so happy for Chen and his wife!  We wish them the best of luck for the next two weeks of happy but sleepless nights!

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