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Cha Eun-woo is considering the role of Suho in ‘True Beauty’

By: Ruth L. Navarra

ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo is reportedly offered the role of Suho in the immensely popular webtoon, “True Beauty” by Yaongyi. 

The idol slash actor’s agency Fantagio confirms that they received the offer and is considering the role, according to Korean entertainment website Soompi.   

Cha is a fan favorite for the role.  A lot of fans campaigned for their biases to get the role, including EXO’s Suho.  

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Cha Eun-woo is the newest member of the variety show “All the Butlers.” He earned the title face genius since his drama “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.”  Suho is drawn beautifully by its creator.

Cha Eun-woo
Cha Eun-woo. Photo by Fantagio

Suho is the love interest of Jugyeong in the first part of the webtoon. He is naturally beautiful, thanks to the genes of his famous father who is an actor in Japan.  His handsomeness is in contrast to that of Jugyeong.

Jugyeong is the center of the story.  She’s been bullied and ignored in school for being pimply and plain.  That’s why she decided to change her fate by learning how to put on make-up to hide her imperfections and accentuate her assets.  

She became so good at what she does that not a lot of people know what she looks like underneath all that makeup.  Except for Suho who knew what she looks like but still likes her for her dorkiness.

Fans are excited to hear this development.  

Bon Factory will produce the drama. Their previous productions include “Encounter,” “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim” and “Her Private Life.”

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