[BREAKING] Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok confirm dating news

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[BREAKING] Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok confirm dating news

The agency of the beauteous heiress  Yoon Se-ri confirms that she is dating a man named Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok.  

The rumors started when they were seen shopping, watching movies and having intimate dinners together. They were even spotted hugging each other and crying on the streets of Gangnam. 

Sometimes, they would go eat chicken and watch baseball games with five strange men.  One of those men looks good enough to become an idol.   

Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok and Yoon Se-ri

Not much is known about where and when the two lovebirds met.  However, a reliable source told Super K that Captain Ri has been Se-ri’s shadow ever since the paragliding incident.  Many thought that she was dead. But the heiress who is not a stranger to controversies, appeared magnificently in white to show to everyone she is healthy and alive. 

Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok hold their residence in a place where the edelweiss flowers bloom.  They confirm to the public that they are in a relationship on this day, April 1, April Fools’ Day. 

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