Blackpink and Selena Gomez premiere ‘Ice Cream’

Blackpink and Selena Gomez premiere ‘Ice Cream’

Selena x Blackpink
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Kpop group Blackpink returns with a healing song for summer with “Ice Cream.” They collaborated with American pop star Selena Gomez for the song. They launched the song today, Aug. 28.

Blackpink members said they tasted the sweetness the first time they heard the song’s melody.

“Ice Cream,” is from Blackpink’s first regular album to be launched in October. It is a song with a theme contrary to another pre-release song “How You Like That” released in June. 

Blackpink chaneled hip-hop female warrior with this song showing their “cool and lovely charm” through this song. 

The members explained, “It is always fun to challenge the newness,” and “it has a cool anti-war charm like ice cream that melts the heat.”

Fans of each other

The meeting between Blackpink and Selena Gomez has already become a hot topic in the global pop market. Selena Gomez has appeared in music videos as well as feature.

Blackpink said, “We are all Selena’s fans. I am happyt hat she is our fan, too. We are very satisfied with the work we made together.” 

Selena Gomez in the “Ice Cream” music video

They also added that they couldn’t wait to work together in person. However, they felt the charm of Gomez even when they were just communicating virtually.

Black Pink landed on the 33rd and 20th respectively on the world’s two biggest pop charts, Billboard and UK official charts with “How You Like That.” It is the highest record set by a Korean girl group.

“We are grateful to many fans all over the world. We will have new meetings soon,” they said. “I am looking forward to singing ‘Ice Cream’ on the stage with Selena Gomez on the day when I can meet you directly. Until then, I hope everyone can listen to this song with a healthy and happy mind.”

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