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BamBam as the perfect boyfriend in Kpop Masterz in Manila

By: Ruth L. Navarra

GOT7’s BamBam courted his fans days before he appeared in a concert in Pasay City. His excitement was felt in the way he interacted with them on Twitter during his stay. He even posted about the one thing that he fell in love with in the country: Daing na Bangus.

“My new nickname is now ‘Bangus.’ I’ve been to Cebu and all I ate was bangus. It is the best fish I ever had. They tell me, ‘Hi bangus.‘ I answered, ‘hi, sisig,’” he said during his talk host Kring Kim. The Thai GOT7 member revealed that he has eaten different dishes of bangus including one served with soup.

The host complimented him and the look he served during the Kpop Masterz in Manila on July 29 at Mall of Asia Arena. He came out in an all-black ensemble: wide-leg pants, black shirt, and a bedazzled jacket that sparkled in different colors. BamBam was the second performer for the night. He came after the boy group Treasure and before his fellow GOT7 member Jackson Wang. The event was organized by Pulp Live World.

He spent a few days in Cebu to hold a fansign in Ayala Center Cebu. BamBam also held another fansign in Ayala Mall Manila Bay. Check out the photos here.

BamBam turned it up for the night | Photo by Bunny Javier

“I am Bling Bling!” he proudly announced.

‘BamBam Pogi’

He opened his set with “Wheels Up” featuring Mayzin. It is the single under the Golden State Entertainment and was performed during halftime of game Golden State Warriors at Chase Center in May. The stage opened in the middle to reveal a stairs, a number of backup dancers in white and BamBam in the middle.

He continued his performance with his single “Ride or Die” from the album “B” released early this year. BamBam held the momentum and performed the upbeat song “Look so Fine”. The night would not have been complete if BamBam didn’t ask the audience to chant “skrrt, skrrt” with him.

The “Yes or No” segment had him going through several statements and he has to answer yes or no. Bambam was asked if he ever gets surprised at how good-looking he is.

“My answer is no. If you are a fan of GOT7, I always say I know I am not a good-looking guy. There are a lot of good-looking guys, just not me,” he said. “I want people to see my dance, singing, and performance.”

This was met with a collective protest from the Ahgases (GOT7 fandom). They started chanting “Bambam Pogi.” When the artist heard the crowd, he thanked everyone.

However, the artist also firmly made it clear that wouldn’t want to have a different face if he was reborn again. He is content with his looks.

“I know I am not handsome but I am happy with myself. I am happy with my looks,” he said.

Fulfilled promise
Bestie BamBam | Photo by Bunny Javier

He discovered that he can sit and stand up with one leg up to 10 times that day as he indulged the challenge and did it for the crowd. The one place that he wants to experience in the country is a night market.

The next time he held a microphone to sing, he covered Ronnie Liang’s “Ngiti.” Seven years ago, he performed the song in GOT7’s first fan meeting in the country. Liang thanked BamBam for performing the song on Twitter. He would later post his full cover of the song on Instagram.

After his cover of the OPM, he chose to dance “Who Are You” featuring Red Velvet’s Seulgi.

Sweet and funny, that’s our Bammie | Photo by Bunny Javier

BamBam also called onstage 2NE1’s Dara, also known as Sandara Park. Dara came onstage in a body-hugging ruched mini dress and Onyx Yeezy Foam Runner on her feet.

Big Sister
BamBam invited fellow Abyss artist Dara, more popularly known as Sandara Park, onstage. He convinced her to perform for the crowd. | Photo by Bunny Javier

“As a same company artist. That’s Abyss, can you please sing a song for us,” BamBam cajoled Dara. Being the supportive “sister” and friend that she is, she said yes to him. She got off the stage for a bit to fix her earpiece.

She gifted the Filipino audience an impromptu performance of 2NE1’s “I don’t care.” He requested that she stay with him until the end and she did. BamBam bid farewell to his fans with the song, “Ribbon.”

But the BamBam story didn’t end there, of course.

He playfully threatened his backup dancer with a three-month break after the concert. A Filipino Ahgase got distracted by the said dancer onstage and our best boy responded like a jealous boyfriend. That’s our Bammie, always keeping our hearts full with happy and cute content.

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