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It's Okay to Not be Okay

10 lessons that we learned from ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’

By: Ruth L. Navarra

Seo Ye-ji asked everyone to laugh, cry, and be healed with “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”. And we’ve done just that. And in a fairytale style, here are some of the lessons that we’ve learned from this drama.

Family portrait makes a family

Gang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) and Sang-tae (Oh Jung-se) look dapper in their portrait together with Mun-yeong (Seo Ye-ji). Some families are not always connected by blood. When you are with people who protect you and put your interest above anything else, that’s family.

Never allow a loved one suffer on their own

Does your sister want to wallow in self-pity? Over your dead body. Does a loved one want to shut you out? Over your dead body. In the series, “over my dead body” is the argument that Sang-tae used on a distraught Mun-yeong so they could continue to take care of her.

Fashion is defense

Seo Ye-ji in the press interview said that Mun-yeong used her unique fashion style to express her emotions. 

“Mun-yeong is extremely expressive through what she wears. And so I think it’s important to understand that what she wears is not something to show off, but it’s something she puts on to defend herself,” she said.

Fashion is something Mun-yeong has control of. Thus, she puts a lot of effort into what she wears.   

If you can’t forget a bad memory, create happy ones

If forgetting is hard, then try to do things that make you happy. When the pandemic is over, go out and travel and talk to your friends. For now, learn how to dance and still talk to your friends. The important thing is that you are kind to yourself.

Believe that you deserve nice things

It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your background is. If you’ve worked so hard to make a living, then you’ve also earned that nice thing that you want for yourself.

Life balances itself out

Nurse Ju-ri played by Park Kyu-young said that each of us has a set amount of misfortunes and happiness assigned to us. When things are bad now, it will only get better in the future.

Let go when it’s time

We can never force anybody to stay when they don’t want to. It is also right to allow the person that you love most to grow without you. They only belong to themselves.

To be weak is to be human

You’re not strong? That’s okay. Lean on other people whenever you feel you can’t go on. Allow them to be strong for you.

Keep saying “I love you” until the person you tell it to knows it’s true

Scream, shout, stomp your feet. It doesn’t matter. Say “I love you” at every opportunity.

Argument is a sign of a healthy relationship, too

Sang-tae’s honesty pisses Mun-yeong off.  Mun-yeong never treated Sang-tae like a child. She always treated him like an adult. The fact they can bicker and fight one moment and forgive each other the next shows the innocence of their relationship.

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