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How crystals helped them


Do crystals really work? Super talked to crystal believers and asked how their collection helped them, where to buy and how to spot fakes.

Sheena Ramos

Theater actress

My parents had a feng shui phase in the late ’90s and adopted crystals for our homes. They gave my first crystal when I was around 11—a rose quartz sphere which I still use. I was also given jade pendants and gemstone bracelets for prosperity and protection, but started buying for myself after attending Theta Healing sessions.

I took classes on crystal healing and found out that it is rooted in science, too. Crystals are very helpful in my day-to-day living, and have bought many kinds. Today I have 712 raw and tumbled pieces, excluding crystal jewelry.

Recently I was able to manifest a huge project with the help of a crystal grid! I wanted to practice my craft again as an actor, and a project came with the details that I asked for. I used the Flower of Life crystal grid pattern with abundance crystals (citrines, carnelians, pyrites, rutilated quartz, aventurine, moss and tree agates, garnets, yellow sapphires and dravites).

Theater actress Sheena Ramos has over 700 crystals.

Through the advice of our tarot reader, a friend bought a rhodonite and became very emotionally vulnerable. She couldn’t stop crying and had many realizations. The crystal was meant to attract a partner but it helped her see the things that she needed to in order to heal before being with another person.

Crystals are more accessible now, but please do your research before going to actual stores. Look for suppliers who are also into healing practices. Locally I get raw and tumbled pieces from Heras Crystals, 5D Healing Crystals, The Crystal Rose Room, Seven Crystals, Indigo Crystals, Crystallo, CuriousCatPH, Crystal Druids, Clear Space Manila and The Sacred Space Philippines.

Buy what attracts you the most. Keep in mind that crystals are not the ultimate cure—they are enhancers and you must also put in the work. Buyers who don’t deal with the root of the problem say crystals are fake. If you want to manifest a new job since the past ones made you unhappy, there’s a crystal for that, but you have to dig deep to understand why you’ve been making choices that lead to your unhappiness.

Rep. Christopher de Venecia

Founder, The Sandbox Collective theater company
I started collecting two years ago when I needed tremendous healing and protection in my life. I don’t know how to quantify my collection, but every new and full moon, it takes me around 30 minutes to bring all of them out in my balcony to recharge them underneath the goddess energy.

I have come to rely on crystals when taking the microphone at committee hearings. During really important public speaking moments, I sometimes bring a whole slab of lapis lazuli and display it within full view of everyone else. Haha! I’m sure people are puzzled.

Crystals are accumulated from my travels. The really precious ones in terms of shape, size, kind and texture are bought from Nepal. My go-to place in Manila is 5D Healing Crystals in Makati Cinema Square. That place is like a home away from home!

Seph Asong

I started collecting crystals last year after getting acquainted with meditation and energy healing, so I’m fairly new to this. I have 10 crystals so far, bought online and during trips abroad.

My energy was drained every time I go home from work so I talked to friends who are into Reiki healing. A practitioner who told me to buy a black tourmaline. It is one of the most powerful crystals when it comes to repelling negative energy and giving protection. When you choose and buy your crystal, it has to have a meaning and purpose in your life as these are your conduit for giving off and receiving energy. It allows you to really identify certain aspects in your life that you need to improve on or totally eradicate. So from being curious, it became a lifestyle. Whenever I travel, I always carry my crystals with me to make sure I have an “equalizer” to balance the energy I give to the universe, and the energy I wish to receive.

Tanya Lim Castillo

Founder, The Charm Project @thecharmprojectph_gemstones Instagram store

The Charm Project is an online store specializing in crystal bracelets since 2016. It also carries crystal necklaces and raw gemstones for collectors.

The Charm Project IG store customizes crystal accessories. 

Making bracelets started out as a hobby that I picked up from my mom. My Chinese grandfather also believed in wearing jewelry and crystals for luck and protection.

Growing up, my mom made sure my siblings and I wear crystal bracelets or earrings—usually jade, diamond or amethyst—especially whenever we were sick. Last year I had a dengue scare for the second time and wore a 14mm Burmese jade bracelet and Madagascar rose quartz. The coolness of the crystals made me feel safe and their auras helped keep my fears and anxieties at bay.

The Charm Project crystals are sourced from over the world: Hong Kong, Singapore, United States and Madagascar. When buying, don’t overthink. Let the crystal choose you. Real crystals are heavy and cold, and adapts to the temperature of the room or the wearer (except for amber which is not really considered a crystal, but can be used for jewelry). Authentic crystals have flaws and the color varies. We customize for personal styles and needs.

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