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Here are Le Sserafim songs you need to listen to
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Here are Le Sserafim songs you need to listen to

LE SSERAFIM for 'Perfect Night' Photo Sketch

With LE SSERAFIM’s top five songs that are worth bingeing on, jam and dance into the New Year with nothing but ‘fearless’ musical bliss!

LE SSERAFIM for MAMA Awards 2023
LE SSERAFIM for MAMA Awards 2023. Photo: X/@le_sserafim

 LE SSERAFIM debuted last year. They are a South Korean-Japanese girl group under Source Music, comprised with new generation artists – Sakura, Kim Chaewon, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, and Hong Eunchae. The fourth-generation quintet has now showcased their ‘Antifragile’ influence globally with their strong performances and music.

We came up with a playlist suggestions that will be the ideal soundtrack to say goodbye to 2023 and greet to the opportunities of a new year. It’s a mix of upbeat anthem or a heartfelt ballad.

‘Perfect Night’ Holiday Remix

From their collaboration with Overwatch 2, LE SSERAFIM recently released a holiday remix of their song “Perfect Night” as part of their avant-garde endeavor. This perfectly rings in the Christmas season with a musical extravaganza that is both distinctive and joyous.

The holiday remix adds popular Christmas jingles and beats to the song, taking its already contagious atmosphere to new heights to a masterwork of music that encapsulates the spirit of the Christmas season while preserving the essential components that make “Perfect Night” a song about celebration and camaraderie.

‘Eve, Psyche, and the Bluebeard’s Wife’

The song “Eve, Psyche, and Bluebeard’s Wife” serves as the tenth track on the first full-length album titled “Unforgiven,” released back in May.

From the folktale characters’ stories, it celebrates women’s rights to make life decisions, and it features them having fun and battling. With the hypnotic groove with a strong 90s influence of the sidetrack, it displays a unique and steady rhythmic approach. The harmonic components emphasizes the track’s distinctive aspects and gives an appealing sound along its lyrical messages.

“Eve, Psyche, and the Bluebeard’s Wife” comes highly recommended for fans who are looking for a song that blends an engaging narrative with addictive beats and a strong thematic resonance, giving a unique and captivating listening experience beyond musical boundaries!

Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am)

As the fifth and last track from their 2nd EP album, ‘Good Parts’ showed the Le Sserafim’s soft and calm vibe, signifying their potential and range. The song’s theme is that good things can always be discovered within ourselves and that self-love is crucial, especially in the face of adversity. The message was well-delivered using smooth harmonies of the quintet that will encircle you like a warm hug.

So, a feeling of peace will descend upon as the soft tunes of the song fills your jamming space!


‘Impurities’ is about accepting and appreciating one’s flaws and imperfections. Its lyrics gives a message of having the guts to embrace oneself in all of its flaws and vulnerabilities.

The song features a smooth and dreamy R&B instrumental that will pull you in and captivate you. The vocals gave off a mature vibe, pairing well with the R&B genre and the song’s instrumental.

Together, it created a soft atmosphere so easy to get lost in, making you feel like floating in the air!


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Last but not the least, ‘Antifragile’ is a testament to the contagious energy it provides with its pop sensibilities and Afro-Latin-inspired rhythms. The infectious and steady quality of the beat highlights how it keeps the music moving and muffles any abrupt passages.

The song transcends beyond its quality to an upbeat musical trip into intended to induce sheer joy and celebration. This makes an appealing call to let loose in the rhythm, and make you knock off your feet!

Exploring Le Sserafim’s repertoire is like taking a trip through a world of sound where inventiveness and catchy beats meet. The few songs that have been featured thus far are already vivid examples of their distinct sound. Thus, fans are excited for the prospect of more bop-worthy hits of the quintet in the future.

LE SSERAFIM for Blizzcon 2023
LE SSERAFIM for Blizzcon 2023. Photo: X/@le_sserafim

While we excitedly await their next releases, the group has an anticipated performance in Manila as part of the 2023 Asia Artist Awards in Bulacan in December 14. For now, it is the ideal time to immerse ourselves to experience the unswerving fearlessness of LE SSERAFIM before the year ends, and jam to their songs as the perfect way to enjoy the year on a high note!

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