Quarantine boredom hitting you? Here are four things to keep you entertained

Quarantine boredom hitting you? Here are four things to keep you entertained

 ‘Joe Exotic: Tiger King’ by Wondery

If you devoured “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” like that big cat devoured Saff’s arm (sorry, Saff) and you need another dose of the crazy cast of characters you met in the hit Netflix docuseries, you might want to listen to “Joe Exotic: Tiger King.” You’re probably thinking: What else is there to know? A lot. Can it get any crazier? Oh yes, it can. And it does. This podcast series by Wondery, which came out last year (originally as Season 2 of “Over My Dead Body”), does an even deeper dive into the world of Joe and lets you really sink your teeth into his feud with cat lady (and potential murderer) Carole Baskin. Journalist Robert Moor, who spent four years working on the podcast, has a lot of stories to tell. And the best part? You don’t have to look at Joe’s mullet and Carole’s flower crowns anymore. 


Not really the Animal Crossing type? Try Wordzee!, an interactive word game that’s guaranteed to be a hit with anyone who enjoys playing Scrabble or Words with Friends. Form words (but unlike Scrabble, your words won’t intersect with your opponent’s), swap letters, use your board strategically and fill up all the slots to get the Wordzee! bonus. This MAG Interactive game is quite addicting—we were instantly hooked. You can play against strangers and friends (and this ubiquitous guy Kevin) and join special events and tournaments. You get to collect letter tiles in different designs, too. We can’t wait to get the sushi one. 

Google’s 3D animals

Have you seen the panda that’s always hanging out at Pasig mayor Vico Sotto’s office? (Head over to his social media accounts if you haven’t.) That’s actually one of Google’s many 3D animals. And if you’re feeling lonely during the quarantine, you can hang out with your own panda. Or tiger. Or shark. Hedgehog. Pug. Python, if you’re brave enough. There’s a lot to choose from. To meet the animals, you’ll need your smartphone or tablet. It has to be an ARCore supported device and running iOS 11.0 or higher, or Android 7.0 or higher with preinstalled Google Play Store. Just Google the animal you want to see, spot the 3D result and tap on “View in 3D.” Tap on “AR” to view the animal in your space and follow the on-screen instructions.

‘Prison Break’

We enjoy looking at Netflix’s Top 10 list—it’s always nice to see what Netflix users in the country are watching. But we were surprised to see Prison Break at the number one spot for days. Yes, Wentworth Miller is hot, but that show first came out in 2005.  (The fifth season came out in 2017.)  Why are people watching it now? There are two theories: one, they’re rewatching to compare it to “Money Heist” and two, people are watching it because they can relate as prisoners in their own home during the lockdown. We don’t know which one is it. But if you haven’t watched the show (we’re ashamed to admit we haven’t), now might be a good time to start. It seems like the rest of the country is watching, too.            

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