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Snack on these Korean treats

Enjoy these while watching your latest K-drama or listening to episodes of the Super K podcast “Let’s Talk Oppa,” hosted by Ruth Navarra-Mayo. The first episode, which we think will make you crave ramyeon, is now available on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts or wherever you like listening to podcasts. 

Orion Choco Pie

Can we really do a Korean snack list without mentioning the majestic Choco Pie? Orion’s take on moon pies is always a hit. This chocolate-covered cake-biscuit hybrid with marshmallow filling is a beloved treat of both kids and adults. 

Haitai-Calbee Honey Butter Chips

It’s been six years since the honey butter chips craze took over Korea but we continue to munch on this sweet, salty, buttery snack. They used to be so popular that the factory had to add another shift just to keep up with customer demand—and they still kept selling out. Now, it’s easy to get a fix. You can find Honey Butter Chips in many supermarkets. 

Tom’s Farm Almonds

Honey butter was our introduction but Tom’s Farm’s almonds come in so many other flavors including honey garlic, churro, yogurt, wasabi, banana, caramel, sweet red bean, tiramisu, tteokbokki, toffee nut latte and black sugar milk tea. Our favorite is the laver or seaweed-flavored ones. We just wish this flavor was easier to find.  

Nong Shim Corn Cheese Chips

If you like corn-flavored snacks like Regent Sweet Corn or Potato Corner’s Sweet Corn Fries then you’ll enjoy these potato chips. Nong Shim’s Corn Cheese Potato Chips are crisp, light and packed with that delicious corn taste. 

Orion Wow Grape Gum

Can’t deny it, we have a thing for grape bubblegum and Orion’s juicy version does not disappoint. It’s so good that we stopped writing this so we could order some from Shopee. We’ve previously gotten it from Assi Fresh Plaza on Grab Mart, too. 

Crown Cheese Sand 

Are you a fan of Ritz’s Cheese Sandwich Crackers? Meet their delicious Korean cousin. Crown’s Cheese Sand is one of our favorites for sure—love the crunchy crackers and the rich creamy cheese filling. 

Ottogi Real Cheese Ramen 

Ottogi Real Cheese Ramen takes your cheese ramen to the next level by giving you a sachet of ooey, gooey cheese and not just powder. It tastes like what would happen if mac and cheese and ramyeon had a baby. 

See Also

Lotte Pepero

Pepero is so beloved in South Korea that they actually celebrate Pepero Day. Since the early ’80s, on Nov. 11, people show their affection by giving their loved ones these delicious chocolate-dipped biscuit sticks. Why Nov. 11? Because the date 11/11 looks like Pepero sticks. (How cute is that?) But why wait until November when you can crunch on these sweet sticks now? We love the almond ones.

Lotte Kkokkalcorn

Kkokkalcorn is Korea’s answer to our Kornets or the American Bugles—crunchy corn treats that you could wear on the tips of your fingers.  

Binngrae Samanco 

Yes, yes, we know Melona is delicious. But whenever we think of Korean ice cream, we always want to sink our teeth into one of these fish-shaped wafer-covered delights. Red Bean, chocolate, strawberry, we like them all.            

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