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Super ways to make mom feel special without leaving the house

By: Pam Pastor

K-drama binge with eomma

Is your mom a K-drama fan? Commit to binge-watching a K-drama with her. Maybe “Hi Bye, Mama”? And forget popcorn. Order a feast of Korean favorites from Kokko to enjoy as you watch the show.

Kimbap from Kkokko
Korean fried chicken
Snow cheese fried chicken

Kokko delivers Korean fried chicken (whole or boneless) in different flavors (Original, Garlic Parmesan, Oh!My Garlic, Yangnyum and our favorite Snow Cheese), kimbap, bibimbap, tteokbokki, sotteok and japchae to Pasig, Makati, Mandaluyong and BGC on weekdays. Delivery is free for orders worth P1000 or more. Live outside these areas? You can still order and arrange your own pickup via services like Lalamove, Grab or Angkas. Don’t forget to order bags of Mama Lee’s Kimchi too. Contact +639171237091 or +63289013778 or find @kkokkoph on Instagram.

Don’t live with your mom? You can still do a K-drama binge by having a watch party with her using the free Google Chrome browser extension called Netflix Party. Visit

Post-lockdown coupons

Give your mom something to look forward to after the quarantine. Make coupons that she can redeem for things she enjoyed doing before the pandemic like getting a massage, having a meal at her favorite restaurant, shopping for shoes, a movie date with you… and make sure you follow through.

DIY beauty day

If your mom enjoys going to the salon and spa, she’s surely missing being pampered by now. Do a DIY beauty day with her using products you already have in the house. It’s time to whip out those Korean face masks and use them. Bring out the lotion and give her a hand and foot massage. Do matching manicures too.

If your beauty supply has run dry, no sweat. Check your cupboards and fridge for ingredients you can use for homemade scrubs and masks. You’ll be surprised by what you can come up with.

Gadget upgrade

Gadgets have become even more important now. In the time of lockdown, they’re our window to the outside world, keeping us connected to the people we love. If your mom’s phone or tablet needs an upgrade and you have money to spend (you and your siblings can pool your budgets too), check out Smart’s Signature Sale which is happening until May 15 on the Smart Online Store . You can get up to 50% off on select Apple, Huawei, Samsung and OPPO devices including the iPhone XS, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad6. Get great offers too like a free Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 if you get your mom the Samsung Galaxy S10+. A portion of your purchase will go to PLDT-Smart Foundation and will be used to continue supporting Covid-19 health workers, emergency response teams, and communities affected by the pandemic. We think your mom will approve.

Greatest hits

Create a Spotify playlist of songs that remind you of your mom—maybe the song you kept playing in the car as she drove you to school, a song she taught you to play on the piano, her theme song with your dad (yeah, theme songs were a thing for couples back then), the song she hums while cooks. You can add “A Song for Mama” from BoyzIIMen or the Spice Girls’ “Mama” too. Give the playlist a good name and then listen to it together while swapping stories and sharing memories with her.

Two-person book club

If you inherited the gift of being a bookworm from your mom, honor the woman who inspired your love for reading by inviting her to a two-person book club. Swap books, recommend titles to each other, watch film adaptations and moan about how much better the book was.

If you and your mom have already gone through your to-be-read pile during quarantine, order some new books. National Book Store has reopened for online orders and delivery. Visit They also have a Text-to-Order service in Metro Manila, and Cebu and Baguio on Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. To get more info and get the list of text-to-order hotlines, look for @nbsalert on Facebook and Twitter and @nationalbookstore on Instagram.