LOOK: Jo Koy now has his own Funko Pop and we need to have it

LOOK: Jo Koy now has his own Funko Pop and we need to have it

Jollibee. Hetty. Darna. Manny Pacquiao. Aswang. Siokoy. White Lady. Jo Koy?

Yup! The Filipino-American comedian is the latest Filipino icon to be immortalized in Funko Pop! form.

“Funko, you really killed this one,” Jo Koy said.

Jo Koy unveiled his Pop! in a YouTube video. 

“I’m in LA, I’m in my house, I’m being safe, wearing my mask when I need to go out. But when I’m inside, I look for things to make me happy. And guess what, today, something made me very happy. because I got this in the mail,” he said. “Jo Koy Exclusive! Are you kidding me?”

He continued, “What does it look like? Let’s see if it looks like me, if it dresses like me, if it swags like me, if it acts like me.”

“This is ridiculous,” Jo Koy said as he took Little Josep out of the box. “It looks just like me.”

Jo Koy’s Funko Pop! is wearing the outfit he wore in his 2019 Netflix comedy special “Jo Koy: Comin’ in Hot.” “I got the Prestos going, I got them high-water Prada pants going, I got the specially made from the ghetto to the Getty jacket…”

Jo Koy calls his Pop! “the coolest one ever made.” 

And here’s an awesome tidbit: Funko Funatics Philippines founder Nikko Lim told us that a Filipino Funko designer was the one who designed Jo Koys Pop! and shirt. His name is Arnold Cornelio. Super cool.

Want a Jo Koy Funko Pop!? You can order it from Jo Koy’s website. There’s a shirt too.

Or get the autographed Jo Koy Funko Bundle

“You might wanna get these before they run out,” Jo Koy said.

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