‘Archie,’ ‘Outlawed’ ‘X-Ray Robot’: This week’s Super comic book picks

‘Archie,’ ‘Outlawed’ ‘X-Ray Robot’: This week’s Super comic book picks

Every Wednesday–New Comic Book Day–Super will pick three top titles you should pick up from your friendly comic book shop. These are the picks for this NCBD, March 18, 2020:

“Archie” # 712 (Archie & Katy Keene Part 3) (Archie Comics)

Archie Comics showed great inspiration when they decided to reboot the canon Archie titles under the “New Riverdale” umbrella and leave Archie in the hands of talents like Mark Waid, Nick Spencer, Veronica Fish and Fiona Staples. This reboot thoroughly modernized Archie and presented many of the element that would be used for the CW’s “Riverdale.” The main “Archie” title, the jewel of the line is now up to # 712 and this current story art is actually already the third of four that presents a new team-up: Archie and Katy Keene! Keene, of course, is the Archie Comics’ “It Girl,” being a model and fashion designer; she arrives in Riverdale and causes quite a stir, leading Veronica to be jealous, Betty to be delighted and Archie to feel neglected. In this issue, Katy takes the gang to New York. This arc, written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Kevin Panetta, has been fun. By the way, the CW has its own “Katy Keene” TV show that includes some of the “Riverdale” characters in New York set five years after the show’s events.

“Outlawed” # 1 (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has been amping up the volume on its teen heroes lately, but all that comes to head after the events in last month’s “Incoming!” one-shot. In an echo of the Superhuman Registration Act in the original “Civil War” series, the “Outlawed” limited series anchors what happens when anyone under the age of 21 are legally forbidden from being heroes. How will this affect Ms. Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man Mile Morales? What will the older heroes do? This main series, from Eve L. Ewing and Kim Jacinto, spills out into the pages of the ongoing “Magnificent Ms. Marvel,” “Miles Morales: Spider-Man” and “Ghost Spider.” There will be a new ongoing “Champions” team title starting up, as well as five-issue “Power Pack” and “New Warriors” limited series in April.

“X-Ray Robot” # 1 (Dark Horse Comics)

There is no comic creator quite like Mike Allred. His quirky art and writing can be recognized immediately in stuff like his creator-owned “Madman” or his stylized “X-Statix” series from Marvel. Now he’s back at it with the weirdly original work at Dark Horse Comics. “X-Ray Robot” is about Max, who’s bored with his everyday life. Well, he’s certainly now bored anymore when a robot appears out of nowhere claiming to be Max from 277 years in the future. The “X-Ray” part of the robot’s name comes from its ability to see through different dimensions and now Max and X-Ray Robot are going to travel through time and space to prevent the universe from being destroyed.

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