The Super starter’s guide to crystals

The Super starter’s guide to crystals

Crystals can be confusing. Purpose and prices vary, so we asked an expert.

Michelle Calasanz is a certified in Theta Healing, Reiki and Millennium Method, and soon in Sacred Activation. She founded The Crystal Rose Room, a crystal shop that evolved into an alternative and holistic health service provider.

“My first crystal was an amethyst pendulum which I named Imogen, and used to start self-healing and eventually, professional healing,” Calasanz said. “Whatever the modality is, I believe all healing are the same. Every disease comes from a ‘dis-ease,’ an ill emotion. If we don’t fix our emotions, they get pent up and turn into an actual physical ailment.”

She went on: “Feelings of not being good enough or unworthy of good things, are quite common. They can either stem from a past life, upbringing or environment. As a healer, I try to dissect every client’s situation—as everyone is different—then change the beliefs using the Theta brainwave.”

Crystals of love

Stones are like people, Calasanz explained. “They have personalities and feelings, and we can’t generalize them.” She gives general description of stones she’s selling online, but lets clients feel the items during consultation and tells them to “go with their gut.”

The quartz family is a good way to start on a crystals according to Calasanz. Quartz (that opens up the crown chakra or energy) is a universal crystal good for everything. Rose quartz (heart chakra) is for self love, a must if you want to attract love (as RuPaul always says “If you can’t love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?).

Citrine (for the solar plexus or nervous system chakra) is for happiness, joy and wealth. Smoky quartz (root or basic need chakra) is for grounding and absorbing negative energy. Amethyst (third eye chakra) is for protection and intuition. Tiger Eye (sacral chakra) is for leadership and courage. Chalcedony (throat chakra) is for balance, openness and communication.

The Crystal Rose Room selection is sourced from American suppliers who are also healers. Tip: There are all on clearance now since Calasanz is focusing on healing (rate is P3,000 for a two-hour sesssion). She also cautioned of fake stuff: Do your research, and don’t go for the cheap ones. “Weight is a big factor, even with small stones you’ll be able to tell the difference between a real stone and plastic.”

Go for the real thing

“A lot of crystal bracelets have a mix of real and plastic beads, so don’t go to tiangges, unless it really is a crystal store, and jewelry isn’t their main product,” she said. “Healers and collectors can know by touch if a crystal is real; fake ones just don’t give off any energy. Also check for striations [strands], crystals aren’t supposed to be perfect, so if you see one that is clear as glass, it’s probably glass.

But what about stones, rocks, geodes?

“Basically, many stones form rocks. Crystals are made of ions, molecules and atoms that are formed together in a certain repetitive pattern,” she said. Geodes are a cavity of rock lined with minerals and crystals, and there’s no need to hoard giant pieces. In crystals, size doesn’t matter.

“One can have a super small Herkimer diamond that is way more intense than a big amethyst cathedral that was passed on from one negative person to another and never truly taken care of,” she said. “A large piece can also be more effective; raw can be better than smooth and vice-versa. It’s all in the energy.”

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