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‘Young Justice,’ ‘James Bond,’ ‘Star Wars Bounty Hunters’: This week’s Super comic book picks
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‘Young Justice,’ ‘James Bond,’ ‘Star Wars Bounty Hunters’: This week’s Super comic book picks

Every Wednesday–New Comic Book Day–Super will pick three top titles you should pick up from your friendly comic book shop. These are the picks for this NCBD, March 11, 2020:

“Young Justice” # 14 (DC Comics)

Brian Michael Bendis’ young adult Wonder Comics imprint at DC Comics has been a refreshing change of pace at dark, serious DC. Its lead title, “Young Justice,” is more than a continuation or a reinvention of the old Cartoon Network post-Teen Titans, but is a modern, in-continuity take on teen super teams that is action-packed, ironic and funny. It even has significant developments, such as the return of the Conner Kent Superboy and Impulse, Tim Drake losing the Robin name by taking up the new name Drake and the introduction of new legacy characters Jinny Hex and Teen Lantern. In the last few issues, “Young Justice” has even had old teen character Amethyst, new iterations of “Dial H for Hero” and the Wonder Twins join up with completely new teen heroine Naomi. As the team tries to find a dimension-lost Superboy by investigating a shady S.T.A.R. Labs, they have joined up with an exciting set of teen characters from the old Young Justice team–Aqualad, Arrowette and Spoiler (plus Sideways). This new story arc is a great time to join the team of Bendis and David F. Walker.

“Ian Fleming’s James Bond # 4 (Dynamite Comics)

Dynamite Comics has been doing a great job of handling the James Bond comics license, streamlining it, bringing it up to contemporary times and then handing it over to excellent creators such as Warren Ellis and Greg Pak. This fourth issue of the third volume continues that licensed-to-kill feel in a modern world as 007 may have to call on some help in order to ensure the safety of a great many people in the start of a new arc from writer Vita Ayala and artist Danny Lore. Dynamite’s excellent “James Bond” run by Ellis is also being collected in a single volume in a run-up to the last Daniel Craig Bond movie, “No Time to Die,” which has been moved to November. But this 007 adventure is here now.

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“Stars Wars: Bounty Hunters” # 1 (Marvel Comics)

Similarly, Marvel Comics has been adroitly handing their Star Wars license and now are putting out more titles which are also in canon. “Stars Wars Bounty Hunters” # 1 will scratch an itch especially for those who were impressed by Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” series and can’t wait for season 2 in November. As the title implies. this limited series focuses on the activities of the killers for hire in the Star Wars universe. Of course, Boba Fett is in this one! The protagonist Valance was hired for a mission with Fett and Boskk when they were betrayed by Valance’s teacher Nakano Lash. Years later, Lash is back and Valance was revenge–if he can get there before a similarly vengeful Fett. Explore this violent and mercenary part of “Star Wars” with writer Ethan Sacks and Paolo Villanelli.

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