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‘TRESE’ US edition gets special variant cover; more volumes to come

By: Ruel S. De Vera

Budjette Tan and Ka-jo Baldisimo’s upcoming “TRESE” just keep on winning. Long a fan-favorite and commerically-successfully comic book series in the Philippines through Visprint, Inc., “TRESE” gets its North American debut as a trade paperback in September from Ablaze Publishing, the brain child of former Dynamite Publishing’s Rich Young.

The official cover from Ablaze’s US edition

Our chronicle of paranormal investigator Alexandra Trese and her Kambal’s encounters with modern examples of classic Filipino mythological and folkoric creatures such as the tikbalang is about to be read by an entirely new audience.

“Ablaze is publishing Book 1 and it will bigger, your typical American TPB size,” Tan explained. “Our publisher asked us to bump up the page count, so me and Kajo are adding more pages in each story.As you can see in the preview pages, Kajo has redrawn Book 1 with your new art style. So yeah, this will have all new artwork.” Super has seen the art work has it is amazing.

“TRESE Vol 1: Murder on Balete Drive” (136 pages $16.99, Black-and-white trade paperback) will be available in comic shops in the United States and Canada September. You can also get it in digital form from Comixology.  

You can get this here of course. Tan has confirmed this. “Yup, Vol 1 comes out September; FILBARS ( Comic Odyssey ( are now accepting pre-orders.”

The special variant edition from Sanctum Sanctorum Comics & Oddities

But there’s more! “We are also releasing a variant cover edition, which was exclusively commissioned by the US comic book store Sanctum Sanctorum Comics & Oddities.” The store in Plymouth, Michigan is the only American comic book store owned by a Filipino American, Stefanie Diosa.

 “Comic Odyssey is their PH partner and they will soon accept pre-orders for this version,” Tan says.  

And perhaps the next most important news for those dreaming that Filipino komiks can find firm footing in North America. More “TRESE” is coming. “We are planning to release Vol 2 and 3 next year. Maybe around Q2 and Q4,” Tan confirmed. This means “TRESE” will indeed become the first continuing series of comic books of an original Filipino property by Filipino creators running in North American comic shops.

And any day now, we will find out when Netflix’s Original Animated “TRESE” series from Jay Oliva will drop.

Are you ready for as much “TRESE” as you want? Now’s the time!

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