This week’s Super comic book picks

This week’s Super comic book picks

Every Wednesday–New Comic Book Day–Super will pick three top titles you should pick up from your friendly comic book shop. These are the picks for this NCBD, Jan. 29, 2020:

“Captain Marvel: The End” # 1

The latest in Marvel’s series of one-shots imagining the ultimate end of its most famous heroes sees Carol Danvers leaving Earth to take her place among the stars. But one final trip home is not what she expected in this issue from Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero.

“Thor” # 2

The reboot of the God of Thunder continues in an epic story arc from Donny Cates and Nick Klein. Can you say, Thor, Herald of Galactus?

“X-Men” # 5

Writer Jonathan Hickman and artist R.B. Silva are redefining the Marvel mutants and this is the fifth issue of the main title. In other words, if there is one ongoing you shouldn’t miss, it is this one. The Quiet Council sends there of the more eclectic mutants, X-23, Darwin and Synch on an important mission.

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