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‘Marvel’s Arthur Adams,’ ‘Amethyst,’ ‘Monstress’: This week’s Super comic books picks

By: Ruel S. De Vera

Every Wednesday–New Comic Book Day–Super will pick three top titles you should pick up from your friendly comic book shop. These are the picks for this NCBD, Feb. 26, 2020:

“Marvel Monograph: The Art of Arthur Adams X-Men” SC (Marvel Comics)

Arthur Adams is one of Marvel’s most distinctive artists, with a detail and a style that makes him stand out whether he’s doing interior pencils or covers. He’s done many Marvel characters in the past but he is most identified with Marvel’s mutants, having worked on the X-Men, New Mutants and is considered the definitive artist of Longshot. This paperback features the best of Adams’ Marvel mutants work, annotated by John Rhett Thomas.

“Amethyst” # 1 (DC Comics)

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, actually has a long history in the DC universe, first published in 1983 and swept up in the events of the landmark “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Amethyst returned along with other mystical beings in 2005, used sporadically. But Brian Michael Bendis brought Amethyst back as a part of his young adult Wonder Comics in the “Young Justice” title. Aside from her adventures on that team, Amethyst is now featured in her own fantasy title, written by Amy Reeder.

“Monstress” # 26 (Image Comics)

If only Sana Takeda’s ridiculously intricate art, you should already notice Image’s ongoing “Monstress” series. But this title is written by the amazing Marjorie Liu and that’s a killer combo. In a future Asia ruled by women, magical creatures known as the Arcanics are consumed by magicians known as the Cumaea for power. “Monstress'” protagonist is the teenager Maika, an arcanic who has demonic powers and this description does not justice to the scale and the ambition of Monstress, now on its fifth year.

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