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‘Bang,’ ‘Plunge,’: This week’s Super comic book picks
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‘Bang,’ ‘Plunge,’: This week’s Super comic book picks

Every Wednesday–New Comic Book Day–Super will pick three top titles you should pick up from your friendly comic book shop. These are the picks for this NCBD, Feb. 19, 2020:

“Bang” # 1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Writer Matt Kindt has done some of the most counterintuitive, eccentric work around, from Dark Horse’s “MIND MGT” to DC/Vertigo’s “Sweet Tooth.” It’s not a stretch to say that he makes comics unlike anyone else, enabled by an independent feel even if he’s working for one of the more mainstream companies. In his new series for Dark Horse with artist Wilfredo Torres, all we need to know to get on board is the blurb on the cover: “A great f_____d up blend of James Bond and Tintin.” That’s from Keanu Reeves, so you know it can’t be wrong.

“Plunge” # 1 (DC Comics)

Then pretty much an unknown writer, Joe Hill began working on his first comic book series in 2008 right after he had published his first book, “Heart-Shaped Box.” He built a career as a successful horror before everyone found he out he was the son of Stephen King. That first series was “Locke & Key,” with artist Gabriel Rodriguez, and it went on to renown as a modern horror masterpiece and has just premiered as a Netflix series. Hill has also worked steadily in comics and now DC has given Hill his own imprint, Hill House Comics. Written by Hill and featuring art by the ever excellent Stuart Immonen, “Plunge” is the first limited series from the imprint and is about rescue workers descending to the deep water because they have received a distress signal–from a sunken ship with no survivors.

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“Undiscovered Country” # 4 (Image Comics)

What if some kind of catastrophe forces America to close off its borders from the rest of the world? That’s the premise of the critically acclaimed Image Comics series “Undiscovered Country” from writers Scott Snyder and Charles Soule–with artist Giuseppe Camuncoli. But now a pandemic has been spreading around the world and an strange message has been sent promising a cure. Now a composite international team has been sent into the US borders. The aircraft is shot down immediately and the team quickly discover America is a post-apocalyptic battlefield–and more terrible revelations are to come.

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