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Adapting a dream

How do you make a dream come true? More specifically, how do make Dream a reality? The first question has vexed humanity since existence. The second has vexed producers ever since they first realized that DC Comics’ “The Sandman” may just be the best comic book ever created. Originally a supernatural horror title that transformed …

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Beware Manix Abrera’s ‘Terror Prof’

Everyone school has one—the notorious “Terror Prof”—but leave it to “Kikomachine Komix” creator Manix Abrera to create the most distinctive, iconic one yet. She not only looks the part but she not only places her students in impossible classroom recitations, mercilessly plays around with their grades and may even be communing with the supernatural to …

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Mission to ‘Mythspace’

Imagine “a new universe of possibility, with alien civilizations inspired by creatures from Philippine myth and folklore, presented in ways you could never have imagined,” explains writer Paolo Chikiamco. “We invite you to get a taste of space opera, Filipino style.” He is talking about “Mythspace,” the sprawling sci-fi epic he has been working on …

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‘Trese’ goes Pop!

After becoming a bestselling komiks series, an international graphic novel series, a Netflix Original Anime, a playable character in a mobile game and a forthcoming six-inch articulated action figure with all the right accessories, what else could a Kris-wielding, coat-wearing paranormal investigator want? If you are Alexandra Trese, the protagonist of Budjette Tan and KaJO …

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The Philippine International Comics Festival: The Evolution

The pandemic wasn’t able to stop Paolo Herras, the mastermind behind independent Filipino komiks convention and publisher Komiket, from pushing through with the first Philippine International Comics Festival or PICOF 2020 last year. Herras’ superpower is getting it done, no matter the situation and on the fly, PICOF 2020 became a virtual event, where “we …

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