‘Strange Academy,’ ‘Demon Slayer,’ ‘Marvel’: This week’s Super comic book picks

‘Strange Academy,’ ‘Demon Slayer,’ ‘Marvel’: This week’s Super comic book picks

Every Wednesday–New Comic Book Day–Super will pick three top titles you should pick up from your friendly comic book shop. These are the picks for this NCBD, March 4, 2020:

“Strange University” # 1 (Marvel Comics)

As Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe, Dr. Stephen Strange has avoided few things. But becoming a teacher has always been one of them. Now that magic is getting out of hand, he has decided it would be best to guide those who wield the powers while they’re still young. This is the intriguing premise of “Strange Academy” # 1, the new ongoing title that has Dr. Strange as headmaster of the school with Strange’s own teacher the Ancient One, Magik, Damon Hellstrom, Scarlet Witch and Brother Voodoo as teachers. We can expect any or all of Marvel’s magical characters to show up here, plus the students are all new characters. Yes, draw all your “Harry Potter” comparisons this early. “Strange Academy” also boasts the distinctive art of Humberto Ramos.

“Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba” GN # 5 (Viz Media)

The extremely popular manga “Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba” written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotoge and originally serialized in Shonen Jump, has been turned into a 2019 anime show is now on its fifth English translated edition from Viz Media. The manga’s titled literally means “Blade of Demon Destruction” and follows a boy named Tanjiro Kamado. Kamado’s family is killed by a demon and his sister Nesuko is transformed into a demon–but one seemingly still with some human emotion. To find a way to turn his sister back into a human, Tanjiro goes on a journey to become a full-fledged demon slayer This action-packed series is only getting better,

“Marvel” # 1 (Marvel)

The critically acclaimed “Marvels” limited series began from Alex Ross’ idea of coming at the Marvel Universe from many different perspectives by the deployment of many difference creators. That original “Marvels” series turned out to be very different, and now Ross comes back to that original idea with the limited series simply titled “Marvel”: He will be editing the anthology series together with Kurt Busiek. The first issue will art from Ross, Steve Rude, Steve Darnall and Frank Espinosa. The six-issue series will feature Adam Hughes, Bill Sienkiewicz and Dan Brereton, among others. Check out the coming one-shots as well.

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